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Work Study Eligibility

What is Work Study?

Work Study is a form of financial aid. It helps students get excellent part-time jobs that pay an hourly wage just like many jobs that students have both on-and-off campus. Work Study earnings may be used for whatever expenses you have, rather than automatically paying housing or tuition expenses. Even better, while work study earnings are subject to federal income tax like any other part-time earnings, you get to exclude work study earnings from the Expected Family Contribution calculation on the FAFSA - that is, your eligibility for financial aid is enhanced compared to non-work study earners!

Do I have Work Study Already?

Some students may already have work study in their financial aid award and don't know it. Check it out. Use your "Web4U@Western" account to review your financial aid award. Work study will be listed along with any other financial aid in your award. Now get to work! Review our many work study jobs. Contact the Student Employment Center if you need any assistance.

Can I Get Work Study?

We want you to have work study! But a few qualifications need to be met first:

You need a current FAFSA (Federal Application For Student Aid) on file with Financial Aid. If you were offered financial aid this year, you have a FAFSA on file).

You need to have financial need. That is, your calculated cost of attendance must be greater than your Expected Family Contribution. We can help you figure this one out.

You need to have room in your financial aid award to accept work study funding. Even if you have a financial aid award, you might still have remaining aid eligibility to get work study. Contact us to find out! On the other hand, you may already be fully awarded, but sometimes we can reduce less favorable aid -- like student loans -- to make room for work study. Again, give us a call and we can help you examine your options.

For more information on work study, visit our FAQ page.