Student Employment Center

Instructions for Finding Work Study Employment

These instructions are designed specifically for students who received Work Study as part of their financial aid award. If you do not have Work Study, please refer to the Non-Work Study Job Postings.

  1. Prepare for your search:
    • Fill out the General Student Employment Application located in the Student Employment section on the Student Resources page.
      • Save a copy to your computer to have on hand when your employer requests it.
      • You may also fill it out and have a scanned/paper copy on hand.
    • Some of your prospective employers may request for you to submit a resume with your employment application; it is recommended that you have one readily available.
    • Keep the Confirmation of Work Study email you received from the Student Employment Center. Your future employer will require that you forward that email as your verification of Work Study.
  2. Searching for available jobs:
    • Use the Student Employment Center website to look for both on-campus and off-campus work study opportunities.
      • Try to be flexible and consider the professional skills you will develop as a part of the position's job duties.
      • Many of the off-campus employers are located on or near the bus line. These jobs may be a better match to your skills and interests than with any of the on-campus employers.
    • Jobs are posted throughout the summer, so if you don't see anything that fits your interests right now, check back for additional jobs.
    • You may contact your prospective employer directly using the contact information provided with the job description that fits your interests. You will be required to forward your Confirmation of Work Study e-mail from our office to your prospective employer upon making arrangements for an interview.
  3. Advantages to working off-campus:
    • The job opportunities may offer the best matches to your educational goals and may provide additional career opportunities upon your graduation.
    • They offer you an opportunity to interact, become involved and make a difference in the Whatcom community.
    • You will earn money while gaining valuable employment experience.
    • You will be working locally! Don't be hesitant to go off-campus; many of these positions are located a quick walk or bus ride from campus.
  4. Advantages to working on-campus:
    • You may be able to work short shifts in between your classes.
    • Convenience.
    • Your work will introduce you to varying levels of the campus operations and "system." You may be able to make connections with faculty, programs, or develop skill sets that directly relate to your educational goals.
  5. Documents for hiring:
    • Before you begin working, you will need to complete the I-9 Form. This form requires verification of original documents.
      • Please bring with you an original social security card, passport, original birth certificate, or other documents to provide your birthdate and citizenship. See the list of appropriate documents and choose from the list what is most convenient for you.
      • These documents should remain with you and kept in a safe place
  6. What is Work Study?:
    • Work Study helps you earn money for college and gain valuable hands-on experience that prepares you for your future career.
    • Work Study provides funding for a job where you work part-time and receive a paycheck just like any regular part-time job. Your Work Study earnings may be used for whatever expenses you have, rather than automatically paying for housing or tuition expenses. You will be paid twice monthly if you work on-campus or if you work off-campus you will be paid by the off-campus employer's payroll schedule.
    • Additional information can be found on the Work Study FAQ page.