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Job Behaviors

Job Behaviors

Why do young adults lose their jobs?

In a concise and to-the-point research effort, employment expert Bruce Barnes found that young adult employees get fired mostly because of bad working habits. The research also showed that young adult employees cited reasons other than their own behaviors for which they were terminated.

The employers in the study agreed almost unanimously that the reasons younger employees lose jobs are (in order):

  1. Repeated lateness.
  2. Several absences from work.
  3. Not getting along with co-workers.
  4. Not working fast enough.

Young employees who had been fired, on the other hand, thought the reasons for getting fired were (again, in order):

  1. Lack of experience in the field.
  2. Lack of the right kind of training in school.
  3. Educational level not high enough.
  4. Not a member of the right union.
  5. Not big or strong enough

In fact, the top 10 attributes sought in young employees make no reference to experience, training, educational level, union affiliation or physical capability. The qualities employers reportedly look for include the following:

  1. Can follow directions.
  2. Can complete tasks on his or her own.
  3. Can arrive on time.
  4. Shows enthusiasm toward the job.
  5. Can work according to a time schedule.
  6. Shows self-control.
  7. Can take responsibility.
  8. Can work unsupervised.
  9. Shows respect for tools and equipment in the work place.
  10. Can accept criticism.

Attitude is yours to determine; skills can be developed on the job.

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