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Student Employee Recognition

Previous Winners!

2017 Student Employee of the Year: Brooklyn Groves

Brooklyn consistently works to find innovative ways to improve departmental efficiencies with tangible benefits to Western Students. She saw a need and on her own initiative created two brochures (Dorm Heating Use & Student Room Moisture Mitigation Guides) which are widely used today by over 4,100 students living in residence halls. We leveraged her dual role & communication abilities to address a Birnam Wood Community balcony issue that surfaced this past summer. Her valued feedback regarding community safety concerns also contributed to a complete exterior light replacement effort providing energy efficient LED lighting that has made residents feel much safer. This past year, she also spearheaded a comprehensive audit of all UR Residence Life / other building access credentials. Brooklyn’s “can do” attitude, personal motivation and work ethic are DEFINITELY visible in every aspect of the student experience at Western.

2016 Student Employee of the Year: Amilia (Millie) Mulka

The quality of Millie's work has been identified by management as outstanding and worthy of the department's highest job title for a student employee. She earned that not just by showing up in time for her shifts, but because she could be relied upon to put maximum effort into her work. She has a keen intuition about people, and a strong customer service focus, which renders every 'trouble call' a happy resolution. She seemingly has infinite patience for a variety of caller moods, and always finds a way to make the caller feel that she is not only paying attention, but that she is genuinely interested in fixing their problem, and understands how frustrating it can be when things don't work like they should.

2015 Student Employee of the Year: Cameron Little

Cameron’s contribution of ideas, suggestions, and solutions make him a valuable team member. He is a unique blend of creative problem solving and continuous implementation. He has worked on a variety of projects with department staff and has consistently conducted himself professionally. He is open to feedback and seeks to create a solution that is workable for the user as well as maintainable within the technological environment.

2014 Student Employee of the Year: Molly Hartshorn

Molly is the type of person who enjoys begin given the most responsibility for a group, task or event as possible. She can work from anywhere and her ability to complete some out of the box, highly ambitious goals would not have been possible without her enterprising nature. She worked to reinstating a gathering of students to perform for each other during a weekly convocation that had stopped running a few years back. She also took over an event held at the Wild Buffalo after a conductor quit suddenly. Given the notes and minimal project information she was able to save the project maintaining no cost to the university.

2013 Student Employee of the Year: Cynthia Sandoval

Cynthia offers a unique service to the community. She is in the process of collaborating with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services to start the only domestic violence support group in Spanish in Whatcom County. She is the only advocate that speaks Spanish and is the only advocate that represents the Latina culture. She advocates extremely well for immigrant women and their culturally unique challenges when it comes to accessing services for domestic violence. She is a natural leader that is no afraid to speak her mind and voice her opinions. She looks at the big picture, on how she can change systems to provide better quality of care for women on a larger scale. Outside of her work, she has joined student club such as Mecha and the Latina Student Union with the goal to generate more advocates that represent the Latina community to help provide more culturally sensitive domestic violence advocacy in Whatcom County.

2012 Student Employee of the Year: Masen Furer

Masen is currently a ResTek Server Administrator for University Residences. Masen has worked in University Residences Department since July 2011. He is able to envision something, create a plan, and implement the smallest details making his input very valuable to University Residences. He is conscientious and takes his privileged role seriously. It is through his respectful feedback and discussion that ResTek has been able to work collaboratively with other WWU departments. Not only that, but he has raised the bar for precision and customer service. No amount of training can accomplish what Masen has done for the staff.

2011 Student Employee of the Year: Lisa Pubigee

Lisa is currently a Peer Advisor V for the Financial Aid Department. Her professionalism is exemplary and is demonstrated in how she provides quality customer service to students, parents, and the public with a thorough knowledge of the complex regulations of financial aid. She fills leadership roles with enthusiasm and a lot of fresh ideas, working closely with supervisors and other offices to complete projects efficiently and with accuracy.

2010 Student Employee of the Year: Casey Hall

Casey is the current Director for AS Resource & Outreach Programs. He is incredibly professional, organized and he demonstrates impressive thoughtfulness in addressing complex and potentially controversial topics. His consistent level of initiative and self-motivation has served to enhance the campus community by providing high quality and inclusive programming and services to students.

2009 Student Employee of the Year: Kate Batten

As a Student Services Assistant for the Intensive English Program, Kate has been depended upon for her reliability and initiative in all areas of her student employment work. Her unique contribution includes her willingness to successfully assume leadership and responsibility far beyond expectations. She is a role model of optimism for the entire department while maintaining constant professionalism.

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