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New Classification and Wage Scale FAQs

Table of Contents:

Why is this change being made?

The passage of Initiative 1433 raised the minimum wage to $11 per hour for all employees.

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What do I need to do as a supervisor?

For current employees, nothing! We will make the classification changes systematically. Current student employee wages will not change systematically to fit the new wage schedule. Departments have the flexibility to review wage rates within their area for potential adjustments. For new hires, check the job classifications to ensure you are hiring a person into the correct job classification and rate of pay to start with.

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What if my rate of pay and new classification don’t align?

We recognize that not every current student employee will fit exactly into the new system in terms of rate of pay or new classification. However, this classification change offers a great opportunity to have a discussion with your supervisor about your job and your responsibilities.

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Will the wage schedule adjust again next year?

Yes, based on the passage of Initiative 1433, the minimum wage will increase each year by a specified amount through 2020. After 2020, the minimum wage will increase with inflation. The wage schedule classifications will adjust each year due to minimum wage increases.

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How will this change affect my student employees hiring practices?

The process for hiring and for changing job titles or wages is unchanged. Supervisors will still need to ensure the classification matches the position requirements.

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What should I do if the anticipated classification move doesn’t reflect how I’d like my employee to be classified?

Carefully review your job descriptions and compare them to the classification guidelines. If a change in classification is warranted, follow the normal procedure by creating a new EPAF with the new job title and new wage. Please be sure that the new wage rate fits within the wage schedule.

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How do I determine raises within each classification level? Is there a guide or questions that I can use to help make this decision?

Raises are determined by the supervisor and the department. If you determine that an employee’s responsibilities or job knowledge have significantly increased, you have the flexibility to provide an increase based on your department’s standards.

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Do I still need to provide a 10-cent per hour wage increase for every 300 hours of employment?

No. The 10-cent per hour increase is discontinued. Departments have the flexibility to determine wage increases based on departmental standard for performance, skills, and experience.

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I’d like to request that my work study student employee return for the 2017-18 school year, but based on the minimum wage increase I am not sure how much to request for their work study?

The standard work study award for the 2017-2018 year will be $4,500. Supervisors can ask for an increase for their returning students during the spring request process.

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Does the Student Employment Center have information about the sick leave that will start in 2018?

The sick leave component of Initiative 1433 is being reviewed. We will provide guidance in the future.

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Will the graduate student wage rate be affected by the new wage schedule?

The graduate student wage rate remains unchanged. Any future change in the graduate student wage rate will be considered separately from the new three-classification schedule.

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