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Financial Aid Department

Student Employment Center

Hiring Forms

During the hiring process we encourage employers to verify whether or not a student has work study. The easiest way to make this verification is to ask the students to provide you with their Confirmation of Work Study email This email is proof the student has work study and breaks down their annual award into quarterly allotments.

Employers who have interviewed a student and would like to hire them into a work study position will need to complete the Confirmation of Employment Form. This form must be returned to the Off-Campus Work Study Coordinator in order for reimbursement to occur.

Your Work Study employees are responsible for tracking their earnings. To aid them in this process, the Student Employment center provides them with the Work Study Budget Tracking Sheet. This tracking worksheet is the student’s tool to ensure their quarterly and annual work study awards are not exceeded. We encourage students to fill out and update the tracking sheet after each pay period. We ask you to regularly view their tracking sheet and compare with your Monthly Earnings Report. By comparing these records, it will aid you in tracking your work study employee's earnings and verify he/she does not over earn or exhaust the award.

Because work study is awarded based upon financial aid eligibility, please note that the work study award amounts are subject to change or cancellation depending on financial aid adjustments. The Center will notify you if these changes occur.

Students working at an Off-Campus location are not employees of Western Washington University. All additional hiring procedures are the responsibility of the employer as well as calculating and paying FICA. If needed, please refer to the I-9 Form and W-4 Form for more information.