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Hiring Process

Step 1: Extend an Offer of Student Employment

  • Use the Student Employee Information Form (it organizes student employment information for positions during each fiscal year, from July 1st to the following June 30th). Information on the first page is required of ALL Western Washington University Student Employees.
  • Complete Section 1 "Offer of Student Employment" of the form by tabbing from field to field
  • Print the form (duplex), sign on page 1, and attach the Job Description for the offered position
    • Give to the student in person or by mail, along with any other required employment forms (see Step 2 for employment forms)

Step 2: Instruct student to complete forms and schedule a return meeting with you

  • Complete Section 2. "Student Information" and sign on page 1 to accept the job
  • If this position requires it, give student Criminal Conviction Verification form (see alert for more information)
  • Follow mandatory program if driving is required - see alert for more information
  • Take required documents to HR (2nd floor of Humanities building) and complete I-9, W-4, and CCV, if needed.
  • Upon completion of forms with HR, return for a meeting with supervisor (Step 3)

Step 3: Conduct meeting with the student to review documents and conditions for employment

  • Review the Section 2 "Student Information" on the form
  • Confirm all necessary documents are completed with HR ( I-9, W-4, and CCV, if needed).
  • Confirm Student Employment Eligibility (by completing Section 3. "Employer")
  • If Work Study:
  • Review the Student Employment Handbook with student
  • Payroll Information:
    • Instruct student in Web Time Entry referring to the guide, and review required submission dates, late hours and overtime.
    • Student employee pay is distributed on regular university pay dates.
    • Direct student to sign up for Direct Deposit in Web4U. If the student does not sign up for automatic deposit, a paper check will be mailed to their W2 address. Students who do not elect to use direct deposit must be made aware of this information regarding mailed payroll checks, since many students use their permanent address on their W2.
    • A student's payroll check is not applied to his/her student account.
  • Supervisor signs page 2 of the form confirming eligibility process is complete and accurate

Step 4: Set up Student Payroll

  • Complete and submit appropriate form ( NOAEPAF or Student Employment Form)
  • Payroll Forms
    Form Name Departmentally Funded Hourly and Non-Uniform Work Study Funded Departmentally Funded Salaried Foundation Funded Grant Funded
    Banner EPAF Yes Yes No No No
    Student Employment Form No No Yes Yes Yes

  • Record transaction information in Section 4, Electronic Employment Forms
  • Track EPAFs through completion by HR (using NWREATR report)
  • Students are not eligible to begin working until the EPAF has been approved

Step 5: Track Wage and Job Title changes

Step 6: Terminate Student Position if the student loses eligibility or leaves

  • System will mass term Work Study students on 6/15 and all others on 6/30
  • Complete and submit appropriate form ( NOAEPAF or Student Employment Form)
  • Record transaction information in Section 4 of the Student Employment Information Form, under Electronic Employment Forms.
  • Submit appropriate forms to terminate all other employee access (e.g. Banner, Outlook, etc.)

Step 7: Store all student employee file documents according to the University Retention Guidelines

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