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Alert: Break Period: Employment Requirements

The following is a “refresher” of student employment policy in regard to break period student employment:

• Break period employment eligibility requires that the student must have been a full-fee paying student during prior quarter, and plans on enrolling as a full-fee paying student the following quarter. Students who are graduating may only work up until the day of their last final and are not eligible for break period employment after that date.

• Eligible student's may work up to 40 hours/week during break periods.

• For summer employment, if a student will not be returning for the fall, but is enrolled as a degree or certificate seeking student for summer quarter, he or she may work as student employee until the end of summer quarter.

• All of summer is considered a “break period”, regardless of student enrollment.
o Students enrolled in summer classes may work up to 19 hours during the time they are attending class
o Students not enrolled may work up to 40 hours per week