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Alert: Pay Period Reports

A report indicating the amount of hours a student has worked each pay period is sent to the employer bi-monthly.

Work Study Students:
* Called the "Departmental Pay Report" – this report will list the hours the student is authorized to work, the remaining hours the student has remaining in their award, and information regarding whether or not the student has exceeded their work study award. The Student Employment Center mails out this report within one week of the timecard approval date.
* Supervisors can run this report at any time: On the Banner Form RJRDPPR, enter Aid Year Code of "1213", Time Sheet Option or "R", the current Pay Period End Date, and your Placement Code (six digit alpha code in the upper left hand corner of your report).
* Here is a link to instructions on how to read this complex report.

Department Funded Students: The "Budget Status Report" is sent out monthly and will list the total amount earned by student hourly employees. Further into the report, the earnings are broken up by employee.