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Alert: Work Study Job Description Required!

Job descriptions are required for each work study position.

Link to helpful resources:

* Sample Job Description

The biggest difference is that all work study job descriptions need to identify "Educational Benefits".

Submit your job description when you post your job or send to SEC

There are two reasons for this requirement.

First, only certain on-campus student employment job titles are eligible for State Work Study (SWS) funding. SWS funding over the last several years has increased while Federal Work Study funding has not. Departments will have a better chance of filling their work study positions if those positions are eligible for SWS funding. SEC staff will review all submitted job descriptions to verify which positions are eligible for the SWS program and which positions, with minor adjustments, may become eligible for SWS.

Second, work study position numbers are based on the job duties.

Job descriptions must be submitted to the Student Employment Center before the job can be posted.