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Alert: Returning Work Study Student Requests

During Spring quarter SEC will prompt you to begin the process of requesting returning Work Study students:

1. First, discuss next year's departmental plan with each work study student. Confirm the job, wages, and schedule are a good match for you both. Confirm the student is interested in using a potential Work Study award to continue employment in your department. Remind them to complete their FAFSA to begin the Financial Aid eligibility process.

2. In May, the SEC will email on-campus Work Study employers a list of all employees employed in your department during the year. An attached form will provide you with a way to give us feedback on the priority of the need for each particular student. Please do not request students who, as a result of step one, will not be returning to your department. The email will provide you with a deadline for your reply.

3. Over the summer SEC will work diligently to verify the student's Financial Aid eligibility and to offer these students available Work Study funds.

4. Beginning in late July, and continuing through September, returning students will receive their Financial Aid award offering, be asked to accept them, and be sent an email "Confirmation of Work Study". In this confirmation, the student will be asked to send the confirmation to their employer, should they be a returning student employee.

5. Near the end of August, SEC will provide you feedback about which students have accepted their work study and are ready for you to hire. You may then begin the EPAF process for the listed students. A student you requested back but does NOT appear on the report means that they have outstanding issues that prevent them from being hired in a work study position. They will need to contact the Financial Aid Services Center to work through the issues preventing their Work Study award. Please contact any of these students that you expect to hire to confirm their status.

6. After you have tried to figure things out, please feel free to contact our office (x3158) or by email to help clarify the current status of a requested returning student employee.