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Financial Aid Department

Scholarship Center

Is The Scholarship Center Open?

We are temporarily shifting our methods for serving students and intend to continue to provide full financial aid and scholarship services as the campus takes action to address and minimize the risks associated with COVID-19. We ask that you join us in protecting the health and wellness of our Western community. Rather than conducting meetings face-to-face, we will meet with students by phone and electronically, reducing the risk of transmission of the virus. Scholarship Center staff remain available via telephone (360) 650-3471, or better, by email at

When Will My Financial Aid Pay?

Spring Quarter 2020 financial aid disbursements will take place as originally scheduled on March 31, 2020, if you have no outstanding requirements. Refunds (remaining balances after aid has applied to your student account) are processed by the Student Business Office.

Western’s short term emergency loan remains available to assist with short-term cash-flow challenges (rent, groceries, etc.). The application is available on the Financial Aid department webpage at Western’s Emergency Loan Program and the $5 loan fee will be waived due to COVID-19.

Please feel free to contact the Scholarship Center at (360) 650-3471, or if you have questions about your scholarships or would like to set up a phone appointment with the Scholarship Center staff.