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What happens to my scholarships if I don't enroll spring quarter? (Can I move my scholarships to fall 2020?)

The unpaid portion of any private (external) scholarship will be returned to the donor. If you plan on returning next fall, you may wish to contact your donor to see if you can be re-issued the remaining funds then. If you have a Western departmental scholarship, you may contact the awarding department to determine if the unused portion can be re-awarded next fall. Otherwise, the spring quarter portion will be cancelled. If you have the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), Western Award for Excellence, the Western Achievement Tuition Waiver or any other multi-year Admissions award, your eligibility will be extended for an additional quarter. All other Admissions awards will be deferred to Fall 2020 for those students not enrolling this spring.

What happens to my scholarships if I only enroll part time spring quarter?

If you enroll less than full-time (12 credits for undergraduates, 8 credits for graduate students), you will need to obtain permission to use the funds from your private scholarship donor or the Western department that awarded you the scholarship. Private donors may communicate their permission by emailing the Scholarship Center at Western departments have a different process to review and approve these requests. Please contact your department directly to get the appropriate authorization. Be sure to let your donor or department know how many credits you will be enrolled in.

Can I use my scholarships over the summer?

Private scholarships and many Western scholarships can be used over summer quarter with special permission from the private donor or the Western department. Please contact your donor or WWU department to make this request. Private donors may email the Scholarship Center to authorize this change. Western departments will work directly with the Scholarship Center to determine if this change can be made. Please note that tuition waiver scholarships, including the Admissions Achievement Award, Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), Western Award for Excellence, and Western Achievement Tuition Waiver, cannot be used over the summer.

Will I still receive my scholarships even though classes are entirely online?

As long as you are taking classes that would normally have been held in person (as opposed to online classes through Outreach and Continuing Education), then you will receive your scholarships as usual.

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Student Emergency Fund

The Student Emergency Fund provides assistance to help WWU students alleviate or minimize an unforeseen financial burden, including financial emergencies related to COVID-19. Examples of eligible needs may include housing expenses, childcare, medical or dental expenses, transportation/travel expense, unpaid student account charges and technology needs related to online coursework for spring quarter.


  • Applicants must have been enrolled winter quarter, and in most cases, enrolled for spring quarter
  • The financial hardship must have occurred during the current academic year or is anticipated for spring quarter
  • Applicants should apply for all available financial aid via the FAFSA or WASFA (if eligible to complete one)
  • Generally, applicants should accept all financial aid offered to them, including student loans, as emergency funds are limited

Deadline: 05/29/2020

Application Location: Link to Application

Financial Aid - Your Opportunity Pathway: The State of Washington provides significant financial resources to students seeking higher education. Click on the Washington Opportunity Pathways logo for details.