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Emergency Funding Program

The Emergency Funding Program, formerly known as the Emergency Scholarship, provides assistance to help WWU students alleviate or minimize a financial burden in order to successfully complete their academic coursework. Examples of eligible needs may include childcare, medical or dental expenses, transportation expenses, housing expenses, or unpaid student account charges.

Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must:

 --Be enrolled for the quarter in which they are requesting funding

 --Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0

 --Have demonstrated need that has and/or will be incurred during the current academic year

Application Requirements

The required application materials include the application form, a brief, detailed written description of funding needs, and appropriate supporting documentation.

Deadline: 02/28/2019

Application Location:
Financial Aid - Your Opportunity Pathway: The State of Washington provides significant financial resources to students seeking higher education. Click on the Washington Opportunity Pathways logo for details.