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Enhance Your Education with Financial Literacy

Preparing for College?

Ready Set Grad

Ready Set Grad is a resource offered by the Washington Student Achievement Council to help you find, pay for, and complete your education path that’s right for you.

Financial Literacy Education

Looking for a place to begin your financial literacy education? View our financial planning and debt management tips page. Also, visit the WWU Financial Literacy Intelligence (FLI) website for resources to build your financial skills. FLI has helpful activities and information. See student testimonials FLI.

What Every School Needs To Provide

Every school needs to provide a Net Price Calculator -- Use Western's Net Price Calculator

Budget Your Expenses

Budget your expenses with this easy budgeting worksheet. The single best step you can take now to towards financial literacy and avoiding unnecessary debt is to minimize your expenses. Create a spending plan and stick to it! This budgeting worksheet is a great place to start.

Is Debt Already A Big Concern For You?

Get help before the problem becomes even worse. Act now to avoid greater problems later. 

Estimate Your Student Loan Payments

Use our Loan Repayment Calculator. The loan calculator will provide an estimate of your monthly repayment obligation once you leave school and start repaying your student loans.

Get a Job!

Earnings from employment is an important resource to consider to help pay for educational costs. A part-time job of 15 hours per week at minimum wage during the academic year can provide enough income to pay full-time resident, undergraduate, tuition for a quarter. Add on a summer job and you can pay tuition for another quarter, plus books. Your earnings can also reduce student loan borrowing saving significant interest charges in the future. See the WWU Student Employment Center website for job opportunities both on-campus and off-campus. The center lists part-time jobs and work study positions.

Apply for Scholarships

The WWU Scholarship Center offers tips on searching for scholarships and lists private and institutional scholarship opportunities.

Salaries For Your Career

Research average salaries for your intended major or career. Western’s Career Services Center provides employment and earnings information on graduates of WWU along with national employment and pay scale information.

Satisfactory Status

Keep your financial aid eligibility in satisfactory status. Financial aid programs require aid recipients to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Include in your financial literacy the knowledge of the requirements. If you have federal, state, or institutional financial aid, see our Requirements webpage for details on keeping your financial aid eligibility.


The Student Employment Center is a free resource for Western students seeking part-time employment. Employment opportunities for work study and non-work study positions are posted online at

Pre-payment Option

Students have the option of directly pre-paying Western Washington University for quarterly tuition and fees. Some families find that pre-paying smaller monthly amounts prior to the first day of the quarter is more affordable than making larger single payments at the beginning of each quarter. For more information, contact Student Business Office in Old Main 110 or at (360) 650-2865.

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